Treating Heartworms

Cats that have been diagnosed with heartworm should be given medication or should undergo treatment methods that have been specifically designed for cats.

Pet owners that also have dogs in the house might sometimes have left over medications for their dogs and so in order to save money they might just give their cats the same medicine as their other pets. It is important not to do this because cats and dogs are of different species and the medical dosage for these animals are considerably different.

Heartworm is an extremely serious medical condition and requires urgent and special treatment. The objective is to remove the heartworm and to rid the animal of any infection they might have incurred during the time they were affected by the disease. It is important to take the animal to the vet for proper examination and tests. The vet will examine the condition of the cat so they can prescribe proper medication and treatment.

Cats that have been affected with heartworm are in a potentially fatal health situation. These worms feed on vital organs of the cat and if this remains untreated the cat may die. In many occasions if the cat owner does not get to the vet in time, it might already be too late for treatment as dying or dead worms are also not good news due to the location in which they have infested.

However, if this problem is discovered at an early stage, the vet might prescribe over the counter medications that are easily accessible and very efficient in treating the cat. However, the cat still requires regular checkups with the vet, especially for follow-ups so that they can be cleared of the condition.

Heartworm medications are powerful and some cats do not react well to it. For this reason, it is important for vets to analyze individual circumstances and alternative treatment methods. With all diseases, prevention is always better than cure. So cat owners that would like to prevent their pet from ever being a victim of this condition might want to consider preventative medications.