Maybe you have learned by now that feeding your cat pet natural food is more recommended for improving her state of health. Every pet owner should be committed to their pet so long as they took responsibility of taking them inside their home. Now that your pet is with you, you should treat her like you have another member within your family.


Animals do not have to suffer during the fireworks, if you're careless with your sensitive nature. In many places are often held large fireworks to celebrate Christmas, New Year or other holidays, which cause many behavioral problems in animals, because their ear is very sensitive and the noise hurts them.
Dogs are the most affected, because their hearing is four times more sensitive than ours. While we cannot prevent the animals feel fear, if they are with your family or in a protected area will feel safer.


When a beloved pet is sick, in pain, or suffering emotionally, our natural instinct is to try to help the animal feel better. We do this through veterinary care, dietary management, and good, old-fashioned affection—petting stroking and cuddling the animal so that it may feel our love and somehow benefit from it. Reiki is an alternative therapeutic treatment that builds upon the notion that love is a healing energy that balances the body and provides peace.

The Origin of Reiki


An excellent hint for dog and cat owners having to force feed medicine to an unwilling patient. After you have medicated your pet and held the jaw closed with the hope the animal will swallow it, partially release the animal's muzzle.

If he licks his lips, never fear, the medicine is swallowed and you can let go. If he doesn't lick his lips immediately, hold his muzzle closed again. The little "so and so" is just biding his time to spit or foam the medicine out.

Dogs and cats reflexively lick their lips after swallowing medication - I learned this from an old country vet.


- Q – My husband and I adopted a cat from a local shelter 8 months ago. For 8 months we have been trying to curb his bad behavior of chewing on cardboard boxes. He has ruined many in our basement. We have no other room in the house for the litter box, other than the basement, so we cannot keep him out of there. What can we do to stop this behavior? We have tried all of the traditional means we can think of, and my husband is really losing patience with him!


- Q – I adopted a domestic shorthair kitten about a year ago that had been abandoned near my sister’s house. She’s now a healthy, happy adult neutered cat, with a bit of a weight problem. We recently changed her diet to Science Diet Feline Maintenance Light, and she’s slimming down nicely already.