The American Longhair

Otherwise referred to as Maine Coon, the American Longhair breed of cat is a natural cat that has its origin in the northern parts of America where it is very popular with homeowners.

It popularity has spread to other parts of the world, especially due to its high intelligence and gentle personality. While a mature male American Longhair can weigh as much as 25 pounds, a female will weigh at 15 pounds.

Different Cat Breeds

Cats are already part of man’s life even thousands of years before; and they were treated as one of the deities in ancient Egypt that people who lived there used to worship them. While today, cats are the most popular pets just like dogs. They are very clean and cuddly, and their soft fur is adorable to fondle.

Treating Heartworms

Cats that have been diagnosed with heartworm should be given medication or should undergo treatment methods that have been specifically designed for cats.

Pet owners that also have dogs in the house might sometimes have left over medications for their dogs and so in order to save money they might just give their cats the same medicine as their other pets. It is important not to do this because cats and dogs are of different species and the medical dosage for these animals are considerably different.

Allergy to Cats

Many pet owners around the world choose to have cats as pets. In fact, over half of the number of households in North America are said to own pets. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who love animals and would enjoy having a cat in the house but they are actually allergic to cats. In the United States, over 10 million people are recorded to have an allergic reaction to cat fur.

Sort out Scratching

Every cat owner knows the routine - your cat comes into the room, rubs his or her cheek against the door frame, and then proceeds to shred the carpet, hardwood flooring or the arm of the sofa before happily curling into a ball of fluff. You've just witnessed the lion-hearted side of the domestic feline, behavior that creates conflict within the human - cat relationship.

How to Put Your Cat in a Cat Carrier

Most cat owners shudder when the time comes to put their cat into a pet carrier. Many cats will struggle against the indignity of being unceremoniously shoved into a box and some will even fight dirty using tooth and nail in their bid to escape.