Common Cat Care Mistakes

Owning a cat as a pet can be a wonderful and worthwhile experience for any pet owner. However for first time pet owners who haven’t done their research properly will face challenges. Lack of proper research on care of cats can turn your dream into a nightmare. A happy and healthy cat is what all pet owners want. There are few ways you can avoid some of these common mistakes.

- The cost of maintenance; majority of new pet owners underestimate the cost of taking care of a pet. The cost of food, litter boxes, toys and vet health visits should be considered. The vaccines and medical expenses can cause a huge dent in your budget if your were not prepared. Also cat proofing your home is also another added cost that must considered.

- Lack of grooming; though cats are known to be self-cleaning animals it’s still your duty to ensure that the coat is well groomed to prevent the growth of parasites and diseases. A cats nails need to be clipped to prevent from harming you and your property.

- Spraying and neutering is absolutely crucial for cats as it prevents them from having unwanted pregnancies. It also prevents male cats from spraying household furniture and surfaces, leaving a horrible smell behind.

- Letting cats stay outside; majority of owners do not keep their cats indoors instead they let them roam freely outside. Cats love to climb and explore the outside world but this could lead to them being exposed to a lot of dangers. These dangers could lead to them sustaining harmful injuries and some lose their lives.

- Underestimation of the responsibility; some owners adopt on impulse and don’t think of creating time in their busy schedules, to give the cat affection. They don’t create a bond with the feline creature leading to it becoming a burden.