Some pet owners note that their cats gag while eating, and while it is perplexing, it's typically not a serious issue and can be remedied easily.

As carnivores by necessity, felines' teeth are designed to cut and tear meat. A typical diet for cats these days consists of kibble that comes in small pellets, so that is where the problem usually lies. Kibble's shape makes it difficult to chew, and coupled with the fact that cats eat too quickly and swallow it whole, it makes them gag.

Hard, crunchy food is helpful in keeping your kitties' teeth clean and healthy, but there is the matter of keeping cats from inhaling their food.

There are ways to safely and effectively to keep your furry friend from rushing through a meal.

Try feeding your pet on a plate or a cookie sheet. This spreads the food out a bit and slows them down a bit.

Foraging toys — found in different sizes, shapes and levels of difficulty — can act as a tool is addressing your pet's penchant for eating too fast. Secondary benefits include enticing play and activity, and achieving healthy weight loss and maintaining a good weight.