We know a lot of our cat loving visitors love to read cat magazines and one of the questions we get asked the most is; what is the best cat magazine?

As you would probably expect, here at cat advice we get through a lot of cat magazines and pet publications in general and there are certainly some excellent cat magazines out there. But let’s change the question around a bit and ask; what cat magazine should I buy? And on this, we have an answer that might surprise you…none of them!

This is because you can get a cat magazine that you don’t have to buy!

Total Cat Magazine is a new magazine that you can get for free (at the time of writing) and for anyone looking to take their very first steps in to the world of cat magazines, what better way to do it than by picking up a cat magazine that is 100% free to subscribe to?

Total Cat Magazine is offering a free subscription to the first few thousand cat lovers who put their name down for the offer.