The American Longhair

Otherwise referred to as Maine Coon, the American Longhair breed of cat is a natural cat that has its origin in the northern parts of America where it is very popular with homeowners.

It popularity has spread to other parts of the world, especially due to its high intelligence and gentle personality. While a mature male American Longhair can weigh as much as 25 pounds, a female will weigh at 15 pounds.

This breed of cat features long hair, which is soft and silky. The hair on the head and shoulders is however shorter than the rest in other parts of the body. Some cats feature lion-like hair around their necks. Unlike other longhaired breed of cats, the American Longhair does not require any grooming. This is made possible by the fact that the coat is not thick, meaning that the coat maintains itself. This is one of the largest breed of cats you can find. You can find it in chocolate or lavender colors.

The American Longhair is one breed of cats that can survive in any type of weather. Its water-resistance long hair helps it feel comfortable during winter or when on cold surfaces. Its long and bushy tail is very helpful in helping it stay warm as it can easily curl it around its face or shoulders. This breed of cat is not only loyal but also very easy to train. It particularly gets along very well with other pets at home such as dogs.

One trait with this breed of cat is its liking for water. Its paws are actually developed to make it find it easy to swim. It is one breed of cat that is highly affectionate and bonds easily with family members. Unlike most breed of cats, the American Longhair is very “talkative” and has a tendency to talk back to its owner through vocalizations. Although the American Longhair is generally a healthy cat, its large size put it at risk of particular health problems. Such include heart disease, spinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, arthritis and kidney disease.