Facts about Cats

Many people don’t know much about the cat. The only thing they can possibly tell you is that a cat is a four legged animal that loves milk and chasing after mice! This is a very obvious thing.

To help you get a better understanding, here are some interesting things you should know;

It’s scientifically proven that cats can actually lower a person’s blood pressure. Crazy to think about but, that’s something scientists have discovered.

Help You Litter Train a Cat

Cats can easily be litter trained. Many people have tried endlessly to train their cats in this regard but have failed due to lack of following the correct procedure in doing so. It is important to note that most kittens will learn on how to bury their feces form during the weaning process from their mother. As such, you will find them trying to look for such a place as they grow up.

Before Adopting a Cat

A cat is a great pet. It is also a great companion. If you wish to own a cat, you can buy or simply adopt your pet. Before adopting a cat, there are a number of factors you should keep in mind. Ask yourself whether you are ready for a long term commitment. This is because you will live with the pet for many years. The life span of a cat is 20yrs. Therefore, commit yourself to adopt a cat that will be your companion for a very long time. This will make your bonding easy.

Keep Your Cat Happy

Do you have a cat at home? If yes, then you have to ensure that it is always happy. Cats have proved to be the best companions when they are happy. They will always keep you company whenever you are feeling down.

They will also make you happy when everybody else seems to be against you. However, most of us do not seem to understand how we can make our cats happy. We assume that giving a nice meal and a comfortable place to stay is enough to make her happy. But much as this is true, there is more that needs to be done to ensure that the cat is joyful.

Help a Cat with Hairballs

A cat is known to be a very clean animal. However, there are cats that tend to lick themselves often, loose hair and swallow them, those that shed a lot of hair during heavy shedding and cats that groom other cats.

When these occur, a cat can swallow a lot of hair and it forms a wad in the stomach. The wad can be ejected in form of hairball. This is a long and moist tube that can cause a lot of discomfort to your cat especially when it occurs twice a week. Therefore, it is essential that you learn how to help a cat with hairballs.

Common Cat Care Mistakes

Owning a cat as a pet can be a wonderful and worthwhile experience for any pet owner. However for first time pet owners who haven’t done their research properly will face challenges. Lack of proper research on care of cats can turn your dream into a nightmare. A happy and healthy cat is what all pet owners want. There are few ways you can avoid some of these common mistakes.